File location for child domains

When I create a subdomain of a main domain, I do not like to have the folders for the subdomain stored inside the folder of the main domain. This would not be too much of an issue for websites with just a few files, but for CMS-based websites (like Joomla or WordPress) there are a very large number of folders for the main domain and a similarly large number for the subdomain. The organisation of the folders is very messy if the subdomain folder is inside the main domain folder.

As far as I can see, Cyberpanel always places the folders of the subdomain inside the folders of the main domain. I cannot see an option to change this.

I would be grateful for guidance on how to change this (if possible) — i.e. how do I put the folders of the subdomain alongside (not inside) the folders of the main domain?

Thank you!

I am using Ubuntu 22.04, with Cyberpanel version:

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Perhaps I have found the answer to my own question.

I see that I can create a folder for the subdomain alongside the public_html folder in the /home/ folder.

I haven’t yet been able to test this properly to see that it is working, so if anyone is able to confirm that this does indeed work that would be helpful.