Feedback on the recent Cyberpanel Update - Backup Issues still present in Version Free

I want to express my dissatisfaction here.

Everyone was expecting a new version with fixes and improvements for BACKUP. However, this was only for those who have paid Cyberpanel plans, is this bad? Of course not, after all the work developing, maintaining and optimizing the panel and therefore it is more than fair for the developers to have a means to monetize this in the best way.

However, I found it a huge “disregard” to the community, because after all, who builds the reputation of the panel are exactly the users of the opensource community.

So what would it cost to fix the problems of FTP/SFTP backups of the opensource version? This is the least that should be done, because each and every panel has this feature as standard and totally free. But as seen in several posts here, this feature is not working and I even challenge someone to post the opposite here, using features only from the dashboard itself (no gimmicks - because that’s possible). But as a “feature” of the built-in dashboard, this isn’t working for anyone.

I myself have tested on several installations and on all supported operating systems and this feature of setting FTP/SFTP location to “Default Backup” does not work, and this is paramount to keep the data safe off the server.

I am sure that many who start with Cyberpanel, aaPanel, Webuzo, CloudPanel or any other, it is certainly because they are still testing options and launches of services or products online and therefore logically everyone will opt for the opensource version to reduce costs as much as possible, because as we know hosting costs themselves are getting more and more expensive.

The point of observation here is not the fact that they have updated, optimized and improved only the paid version of Cyberpanel, this is more than fair and I believe that if someone starts using this in production 100% with some billing for sure that person will upgrade to the paid version.

But I think it’s a hell of a mess and a lack of consideration to leave common errors in the free version and unsolved.

Anyone else with FTP/SFP connection issues leaves a comment here below so that DEVs have an attention and give the value to those who together with them built the reputation of Cyberpanel. :slight_smile:


CP is the definition of inconsistency.

In Backup V2 (new backup method using rustic) you only get to set Google Drive or SFTP targets and schedule a single website per backup job.

In Backup (old full backup method) you get to choose between local/SFTP/Google Drive (with GDrive being on a different menu). In scheduling you don’t get to choose websites, it just backs up everything.

In Incremental Backup (old method using restic) you only get AWS S3 as a destination but you can select which websites to schedule for backup (1 job for many websites).

On top of that most backup methods don’t respect retention or are just buggy with restores not working
(at least not through the gui).

Myself I use Hetzner Storage Box and borgmatic for my backups as most of my projects run on docker anyway. Now for CP: Full Backups are a huge waste of space and time for backup/restore. Incremental Backups don’t support SFTP and V2 Backups need 1 job per website which pushes the limit on the active connections to the storage box (10) and on a server with many websites it is practically unusable.

What would solve my issue would be to support local target in V2 Backup (rustic), so I can mount my storage box permanently.

P.S. If you need to backup to an S3 compatible service like Linode/Wasabi etc it’s supposingly supported for paying customers through their cloud service but it is not working at this time, at least not for me.

Yes, you’re right. I also don’t understand why this confusion and complexity in making backups.

There are 3 different backup means, but they are in their functionality completely confusing and not at all interconnected.

In the common backup, you back up, it goes to home/your-site/backup | To restore, you need to manually move to Home/Backup | This doesn’t make any sense but Ok you can get around this by doing manual.

However, in the destinations they are all separate and do not connect, you do not have a single location where you can configure the targets and it serves for all other backup options. Even the common and incremental backup, this makes no sense at all. Mainly because the option that should be fundamental, which is the configuration of the FTP/SFTP destination does not work as it should. Another option that would also solve would be the S3 destination, but it only connects in incremental, it makes no sense at all.

That’s why I posted my dissatisfaction here, Cyberpanel is very good, I particularly prefer for several details that only CP has, but at the same time I get discouraged by this mess about the backups.

And from what it seems the mess is the same even for the V2 backup, because the destinations do not connect with the 3 options and the tasks do not either.

I believe this mess happened, in an attempt to create options to monetize, but this was the mistake.

If you’re going to keep something free, make it functional, but if you want to charge, that’s fine that’s fair, but also do something functional, of course and that has some logic.

As an example of this, the SSL options are leading to the same error.

I think that’s how Cyberpanel will get lost, if they don’t notice their mistake.

Either do something, or don’t do it, simple as that. But to keep putting completely different options but that have the same purposes, that’s when it starts to get confused and spoils everything.


Backup v2 using rclone not restic.