Feedback - My Issues with cyberpanel

Honestly, I’m about to give up using this panel.

I’ve spent weeks already trying to set this up and never find an installation option that doesn’t present any common error or problem listed months ago or years ago and are always there. :slight_smile:

Whatever the version of the panel or the Linux system, it is possible that nothing works 100% as it should work.

I’ve tested all the options and always have problems and more problems, whatever the configuration.

And it seems that they are common problems, just do a brief search here and you realize that they always appear again no matter what configuration you do. :slight_smile:


All right it’s open-source and supported by standalone developers, but why don’t they test things before they release?

Even if it leaves a version with outdated dependencies and technologies as long as they work is great. Now upgrade and not make sure that everything works is a pity. :slight_smile:

Hello @pryce

Its best practice to search any forum before raising a new topic - Search results for '530 login authentication failed' - CyberPanel Community

If you think you found a bug, post it here Issues · usmannasir/cyberpanel · GitHub

Yes, I’ve already done that is already solved the problem.

The point here was not this, I wanted to express that they are problems and basic failures, but that they let go and put it into production. This is the main mistake.

If it is not stable in all the systems they suggest, it would be enough to see which one is better and more stable and remain this on cue.

Now all they do is indicate different systems (where for each there is a different problem) and just insert questions and answers into the forum.

My point of view is…

i believe that if we leave “the main and most fundamental services working”. Everything else would be the whim of anyone who uses it and that would avoid a headache. :slight_smile: