Feature Request for Multiple Redis Instances

I love Redis and want to maximize its potential for my websites on my dedicated server.

According to Salvatore Sanfilippo the creator of Redis,

I understand how this can be useful, but unfortunately I consider
Redis multiple database errors my worst decision in Redis design at
all… without any kind of real gain, it makes the internals a lot
more complex. The reality is that databases don’t scale well for a
number of reason, like active expire of keys and VM. If the DB
selection can be performed with a string I can see this feature being
used as a scalable O(1) dictionary layer, that instead it is not.
With DB numbers, with a default of a few DBs, we are communication
better what this feature is and how can be used I think. I hope that
at some point we can drop the multiple DBs support at all, but I think
it is probably too late as there is a number of people relying on this
feature for their work.

Ideally, I would like the option to create another instance of Redis for my high-traffic websites. Redis only uses one core per instance and would maximize my performance per site and reduce errors.

Currently, I have to manually create another Redis by this process.

I would love to see CyberPanel have this option within the management section of an account.

Is this possible? Is it easy?

Let me know your thoughts and I will invest in making this feature happen with CyberPanel.

I will need to check this before I can say anything, give me some time.

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Any updates on a way to create a new Redis instance within CyberPanel?

I think this would benefit power users with dedicated servers and/or multi-core systems who host a lot of websites.

Running multiple databases on one Redis instance is not optimal because Redis only uses one core.

Running multiple instances lets you take advantage of multiple cores.

Maybe, you can create a premium plugin/extension for CyberPanel.

Let me know.

Any news on this?
Not only is it better for performance, even Litespeed discourages the use of multiple websites on one Redis instance for security reasons (Multiple WordPress sites on single Redis server | WordPress.org)

It would be great to be able to create a new Redis instance per website from the interface. Maybe through the application installer?
I’m not to great at writing unix scripts, but it seems pretty straight forward to create a script that installs a new instance and saves the port/password and attach this to the application installer?