Feature Request for Multiple Redis Instances

I love Redis and want to maximize its potential for my websites on my dedicated server.

According to Salvatore Sanfilippo the creator of Redis,

I understand how this can be useful, but unfortunately I consider
Redis multiple database errors my worst decision in Redis design at
all… without any kind of real gain, it makes the internals a lot
more complex. The reality is that databases don’t scale well for a
number of reason, like active expire of keys and VM. If the DB
selection can be performed with a string I can see this feature being
used as a scalable O(1) dictionary layer, that instead it is not.
With DB numbers, with a default of a few DBs, we are communication
better what this feature is and how can be used I think. I hope that
at some point we can drop the multiple DBs support at all, but I think
it is probably too late as there is a number of people relying on this
feature for their work.

Ideally, I would like the option to create another instance of Redis for my high-traffic websites. Redis only uses one core per instance and would maximize my performance per site and reduce errors.

Currently, I have to manually create another Redis by this process.

I would love to see CyberPanel have this option within the management section of an account.

Is this possible? Is it easy?

Let me know your thoughts and I will invest in making this feature happen with CyberPanel.

I will need to check this before I can say anything, give me some time.