[FEATURE] Add the BasicAuth verification

Frankly speaking, Cyberpanel is the best WP runtime I have used. And decided to change all the plans to litespeed+cyberpanel in the future website building.
When I use it, I compared some other panels. Find something to learn from.

1. It is recommended to add the BasicAuth verification function before logging in. Even if the port on the current panel could be changed, it can still be easily found by port scanning software. At the same time, the admin username cannot be modified. Hackers only need to brute force the password to break through the panel authorization.

2. It is recommended to change the update method from SSH connection to click the button in the panel.
For a new server, connecting to SSH is very easy. But for a server that has been built for a long time. SSH is not a connection method that a stable running server uses every day. Every time an update is required, the corresponding Key needs to be looked up. Very cumbersome. Of course, you can say that my work habits are not good. But it will be very convenient if you can use the button update method.