Favicon being displayed on Website's public pages but not WP Admin Panel

I have applied a favicon (SVG) from the traditional “Customise” section on WordPress. Though the Favicon is visible in all the website’s public pages, but it isn’t visible anywhere on the Admin Panel…
Any fix for this?

Hi there,

Sounds like a wp-related issue (generatepress had this issue a few versions back…) so it may be better to ask on the wp.org forums as it probably has nothing to do with cp.

Can you please check your favicon here: https://realfavicongenerator.net/

Is it possible to view your website? Hard to tell what’s wrong without seeing it.


I tried to replicate the same on another LEMP stack (Digital Ocean), everything was pretty much the same, but didn’t face any issue… due to that I feel the issue is with CP itself (but again, not sure)