Failed to obtain or reinitialize VMemBuf

I get this error when I try to upload a theme to the site.
2023-02-12 12:18:47.729054 [ERROR] [388840] [] Failed to obtain or reinitialize VMemBuf.
Error code: 520
I’m using VPS with CyperPanel.

Hello @Hedon59

Seems to be a swap issue can you delete everything in /tmp directory

rm -rf /tmp/
systemctl restart lsws || service lsws reload
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Thank you a lot for your help.
I get this error " can’t remvoe /tmp/ device is busy"

You can check which process is causing this error

lsof +D /tmp

But eventually you have to restart your server and try deleting all the contents of /tmp as the first step after booting up

If you have the Root File Manager addon you can delete anything in tmp/ folder directly from cyberpanel.