Failed to issue hostname SSL


I’m new to Cyberpanel and wanted to try and get this setup, rather than Plesk as it looks really useful.

I’ve got a VPS and domain with the same company ‘Fasthosts’. I’ve completed the installation and set the rDNS on the VPS. However, when I try to onboard the hosting domain in Cyberpanel, I get the error below.

#### Failed to issue Hostname SSL, either its DNS record is not propagated or the domain is behind Cloudflare. If DNS is already propagated you might have reached Lets Encrypt limit, please wait before trying again… [404]

The domain name has two A records setup for it (both point to the VPS), so that it can find the server for the time being and it will need more for email, etc. Should I be creating a PTR record, as it looks like Fasthosts will not allow this to be setup on the DNS manager?

I’m confused how to move this forward, as I also completed the update process for the latest version of Cyberpanel as well and the same error occurs. If it’s the PTR that is the problem, how do I get past this as I suspect Fasthosts will now allow a PTR record.

Any advice would be really appreciated :).

If you dont want to use email services skip rDNS check.

Otherwise rDNS is must.

For setting up rDNS, we’ve some resources


thanks for your reply. I can now see the rDNS is working, as I can resolve the IP address to a domain.

However the onboarding setup now shows when I type the domain, the error [404].

Any ideas why?

Many thanks.

Did you check the debugging section here: Onboarding and Initial CyberPanel Configurations – Knowledge Base

Could be DNS cache.