Exclude file from backup

I need a feature for exclude some folder from backup

Is that folder related to website or is it a private folder?

folder is related to website but has large size of static data and does not need to backup every day.
like download or multimedia folders.

Can Anyone let me know where I can define an excluded list of files and folders so that they are not included in the backup?.

you cant
except you use premium support to do that
just like request wordpress tools…

Here is solution

Define our excludes file for use with restic

backupExcludesFile = ‘/home/%s/backup-exclude.conf’ % (self.website.domain)
resticBackupExcludeCMD = ’ --exclude-file=%s’ % (backupExcludesFile)
command = ‘restic -r %s backup %s --password-file %s --exclude %s --exclude /home/%s/backup’ % (
self.repoPath, backupPath, self.passwordFile, self.repoPath, self.website.domain)

If /home/%s/backup-exclude.conf file exists lets pass this to restic by appending the command to end.

if os.path.isfile(backupExcludesFile):
command = command + resticBackupExcludeCMD