ERROR: x-qc-cache: miss for my wordpress website

I have some insanely slow server responses, and need some assistance.

  • I have a VPS with 2 VCPUs and 4GB Ram 20 TB traffic with Hetzner. Running Ubuntu
  • I have Installed Openlitespeed server and CyberPanel
  • I have live website, and a staging environment. The live website is connected through

When clearing caches and trying to fetch the different webpages for the first time, the first 200 GET Request for the html document takes from 7000 to 11000 ms to get ( 7-11 seconds!). Strangely enough, this is less on the staging site that is exactly the same setup, here it takes around 3 seconds, but still slow.

I have no idea how to move forward. GTMetrix gives me a good score, but I think the results is due to cached/cdn, because In my browser when I have cleared the cache, the initial load for every new page is 7-11 sec.:



Web Vitals

Largest Contentful Paint


Total Blocking Time


Cumulative Layout Shift


Any guidance/tips please?

update it seems that the first load of the page has a “x-qc-cache miss”, and the other loads has a hit, private. Is this whats causing the delay, that it tries to fetch some cached verson over and over but cannot do it, then has to get the original content? Any tips for this? This cannot be working as intended, because every new users first visit will have a horrible experience.

Hello @seegon Happy you are here

This is not related to CyberPanel you have an issue with x-qc-cache-miss on first load. Read this and raise the issue in respective forum.

I understand. But never mind the cache from CDN.

When trying to get resources from the server, I’m wondering why my server response time is as long as it is, and why my identical staging site performce better. ( 3 seconds compared to 10 seconds)