Error instal CyberPanel in Centos 7.5

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 2717, in
File “”, line 2673, in main
import installCyberPanel
File “/root/install/”, line 4, in
import pexpect
ImportError: No module named pexpect

I have tried all the settings before upgrading and upgrading before installing and still have such errors

How are you installing CyberPanel?

Here is latest guide for install instructions: Installing CyberPanel - CyberPanel

Yes i sure . I installed the same as the link you gave and the bed as it blocked me, the last time was turned off maridb and now is so. I also installed the install using PY and it was the same

Paste your install logs please.

In the past my bed was like a successful installation on centos 7.5 and now I have this error. You have a way to fix it

[12-34-29-Tue-Jun-2018] Starting CyberPanel installation…
[12-34-29-Tue-Jun-2018] SELinux Check OK. [checkIfSeLinuxDisabled]
[12-34-30-Tue-Jun-2018] SUDO successfully installed!
[12-34-30-Tue-Jun-2018] CyberPanel user added!
[12-34-30-Tue-Jun-2018] CyberPanel user was successfully added to SUDO group!
[12-34-30-Tue-Jun-2018] Successfully created Let’s Encrypt directory!
[12-34-30-Tue-Jun-2018] YUM UPDATE ran successfully.
[12-34-31-Tue-Jun-2018] CyberPanel Repo added!
[12-34-34-Tue-Jun-2018] EPEL Repo added!
[12-34-37-Tue-Jun-2018] PIP successfully installed!
[12-34-39-Tue-Jun-2018] Python development tools successfully installed!
[12-34-46-Tue-Jun-2018] GCC Successfully installed!
[12-34-46-Tue-Jun-2018] Python setup tools Successfully installed!
[12-34-52-Tue-Jun-2018] DJANGO successfully installed!
[12-34-53-Tue-Jun-2018] pexpect successfully installed!
[12-34-55-Tue-Jun-2018] MySQL-python successfully installed!
[12-34-56-Tue-Jun-2018] GUNICORN successfully installed!
[12-34-57-Tue-Jun-2018] psutil successfully installed!
[12-34-57-Tue-Jun-2018] Configuring Gunicorn…
[12-34-57-Tue-Jun-2018] Gunicorn Configured!
[12-34-57-Tue-Jun-2018] Gunicorn can now start after system restart!
[12-34-57-Tue-Jun-2018] Gunicorn successfully started!

Paste your install logs please.

U are here ???

Try now, it should be fine.

ok . i will try . if error. i say with you!

ok. is fine! Tks u very . Good night team ^^!

i see . WARNING: can’t open config file: /usr/local/ssl/openssl.cnf
#Whether this error is related to the system does not

Warnings can be ignored.