Error during installation (Plesk Detected)


Virtualization Type: Dedicated server.

System: Centos 7

OLS or Enterprise?

Installing from official server or mirror server?


When I try to install CyberPanel , it fails and show error message ‘Plesk detected…exit…’. I have not been able to proceed with the installation despite the fact that I remove Plesk completely two weeks ago. What should I do to overcome this problem. I need to install CyberPanel ASAP.

Just in case someone else goes through this problem too, I solved it by removing the plesk directory. The terminal command was: rm -R /opt/plesk

So, are you using OLS with plesk control panel installed?
Please let me know


no. just CyberPanel. I was using Plesk before but could not install Cyberpanel even when i removed plesk from my server.