Error: Directory is not empty. [404]

Al tratar de instalar Wordpress en el sub dominio en cyber panel, me da el error

Error: Directory is not empty. [404]

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When trying to install Wordpress in the sub domain in cyber panel, it gives me the error

Error: directory is not empty. [404]

Have you enabled Modsecurity?
You can anyways manually create a new database and then visit your subdomain site and there you will find the wordpress setup wizard. Proceed the steps mentioned there and you will be good to go.

I don’t have modsecurity installed, is it necessary to have it?

No, its not required. I was asking about Modsecurity because sometimes it blocks few requests.

For now, you can manually install wordpress.

Secondly, just send us the log details to know exactly what went wrong.

@NeidysBadell can you please show me the subdomain directory?

This error occurs when the directory public_html already has contents. then we cannot install WordPress. When we delete the contents of this directory, then we can install WordPress again.

Delete files or directory inside the website directory, as you can’t install WordPress if it already has content in it. After deleting contents of this directory you can re-install WordPress.