ERROR: Can't send email using cyberpanel snappymail

Please check at your end

plz reply me sir

I am waiting

Wrong a rDNS record should be i.e the domain of the mailserver or rather subdomain of primary domain

but in the mentioned document there is no for PTR records

see here

Plz reply me as soon as possible

its also giving this error now

Is anyone here?

Here are some comments from Hostinger Support

" The IP address is added to a known email blacklist:

Email providers usually do not accept emails from blacklisted IPs and if it is not changed, you will continue experiencing issues."

They are saying that you need to change the IP address of VPS, because VPS IP address is blacklisted.

Are you satisfy with the answer of the support team?

I changed the PTR records to

Which support team ?

Hostinger support


anyone here?

My mail server link is now not secure

it’s showing the following warning or error

here is the link to check the SSL issue ( unsecured link )

Also cyber panel link is not secure

Why has this happened now?

Please replay me as soon as possible

Open a new topic stop replying to same topic with different issues all the time

ok, but sir it is already related to the previous issue, it is not resolved yet

but i will create a new topic