ERROR: Can't send email using cyberpanel snappymail

This error occurs again while sending the mail to “[email protected]

Now it is related to PTR records…

What are the PTR records?

Are you there?
Plz help me i am too much worried about this issue

Result report for “[email protected]

is anyone here plz?

You need to create rDNS PTR record on your server. Contact your server provider for help. They should show you where you manage your server from; how to add these records

they always said that VPS is unmanaged by us…i think we have to do at our end

Which service provider is this ?

Hostinger is the provider

I purchased using hostinger

Quick google search shows this How to Use PTR Records on VPS | Hostinger Help Center you already have everything to do this, even pictures.

but my question is, why still it is showing unsecure mailerver access?

I already upgrade the cyberpanel and reboot the server, also reissue the mailserver SSL

I will try

Fix one issue at a time. Reason why I ased you if you followed what you already have here on thr forum

ERROR: Can't send email using cyberpanel snappymail - #4 by josephgodwinke

let me add the records first

I just added all the records for PTR

Can you check these?

It should work now or should i wait for 24 hours to propagate it

Just keep checking every 30mins

ok i will see

But how to solve the ssl issue?

I checked on the tool and its showing like this

I think records are updated