Error 521 Web server is down

i have a lightspeed installed with 14 days trial , when the trial is ended i can not open my websits and i always get Error 521 Web server is down, after some research i purchased a new license and installed it to my server panel from > [Change License] > add new license , after i installed the license the server pane is worked again but the website is still not working with the same Error 521 Web server is down error.
now the [License Status] give me that message

[ERROR] Failed to find your license key under - /usr/local/lsws/ or /usr/local/lsws/conf/!

so is that message is what make my website not work ? and how can i fix it , im totally new with this , so please can you help me


can you please tell me if you got LiteSpeed License with CyberPanel bundle or not?
and also if you are using Cloudflare

hello, yes im using Cloudflare . for the LiteSpeed License , i just got to LiteSpeed Web Server Pricing - LiteSpeed Technologies
and bought the free starter package .

The free starter license only supports 1 domain and unlimited subdomains. You may have added multiple domains in your cyberpanel and hence its not working.

no om only working with one domain

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