Error 503, although the server is not overloaded

Video is here:

What’s happening?

2.3.2 load too many resources…

The atop command shows that resources are not being overused

So, I switched to v2.3.1

sh <(curl || wget -O -

re-upgrade latest version

developer just fix some bug on previous 2.3.2

I updated the panel 30 minutes ago.
That is, I was on the last branch when error 503 occurred.

just 10 minuetes ago new version (patch of 2.3.2) released
you can see on your panel version

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Oh, thank you.
So was it a CPU fix or something else? :slight_smile:
I will check as soon as my server rises from the dead.

it fix panel
and i think it will fix resources use…
at least that was happen to me
after upgrade the patch
my resources getting low

btw… if you not upgrade… you will facing some bug… like failure entering phpmyadmin and panel

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