Error 404

help me, why is my website all error : 404
Not found
The resource requested could not be found on this server!

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Please help.

yoursite : ___________________________
can you screenshoot : _________________

site :
screnshoot :

coba ini:
cek di CF apakah IN A nya sudah benar
kalau sudah

masuk ke menu DNS… website apakah ada IN A nya ?

sorry all i use bahasa indonesia

is that your site ?

this is the site record:

for the picture that is attached bro, it’s our site but only for testing, the site uses IP

indonesia version :
ini record situs :

untuk gambar yang di lampirkan agan itu benar situs kami tapi hanya untuk uji coba, situs itu menggunakan ip.

sorry a lot of wrong words translated by google translate

screenshot DNS zone nya yang ada di cyberpanel

Uploading: image.png…

Uploading: image.png(2)…
Uploading: image.png(3)…

can you show mw this website directory

so far
domain already have IP …[check]

service scan [Invalid]

some of site healt checker… [warning]

let’s focus on this http

  1. open CF — pause services – then purge cache
  2. check on …their other site is working or not
  3. filemanager—> public html —> insert file test.html
    write on test.html
  4. open cmd (windows) clear your windows DNS cache
  5. open new browser (other browser if you have ) iconigto mode…
    try open :

screenshoot here…

i open
then it saw cyberpanel welcome page

just follow my last step procedure

Uploading: image.png…

Uploading: image.png…

have you try to pause CF ?

bagaimana cara menjeda cf?


choose your site

pause then purge…

next step, clear your DNS CACHE from your PC

If you use default ISP DNS… then change it to
then flushdns