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Hey guys,

So, I have a main” and I added a domain under it called “”, to access CyberPanel with SSL permissions. At the same time, I’m using Cloudflare behind both of them. By the way, I changed CyberPanel’s port to 8443, which is an SSL port supported by Cloudflare.

However, when I access “”, I get an error 403 by Litespeed. If I disable Cloudflare’s proxy for that subdomain, I can access it just fine. But I wouldn’t like to leave my website’s IP exposed.

I have tried so far:

  • Checking folder permissions ([Tutorial] How to fix permission and user/group problem on CyberPanel.)
  • Issuing a hostname certificate from CyberPanel for that subdomain
  • Issuing a Cloudflare Origin certificate for that subdomain
  • Checking Cloudflare’s firewall, but nothing is being blocked
  • Checking Litespeed’s logs, but they don’t show anything related to 403 errors

Does anybody know what the issue is, or how to debug it?



If Cloudflare’s encryption is set to Full, I get the 403 error mentioned before. If it’s set to Full (strict), I get a Invalid SSL message from Cloudflare (error 526).

Some pictures:

show me htaccess rules

@shoaibkk I am not using any .htaccess files yet, especially to avoid any incompatibilities while I set things up.

I restored a recent backup and I’m not getting 403 errors anymore, but the SSL Cloudflare issue still persists if I turn its proxy on.

I did not change the port because it was not possible in the older version of CP but it also works for me based on this article


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I’ll try that soon and report back! Thanks! =D

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