Erro install

Hello, does anyone know what this could be:

/root/ --upgrade --auto-upgrade has failed for 9 times
Wait for 3 seconds and try again…

I’m installing on the hundred and stopped at this step and it doesn’t come out of there anymore.

In ubuntu worked well, but I want the centos. Has anyone ever come across this?

Hi, just to inform if someone faces the same problem:

this error occurred due to connection failure by the absence of openssl in Centos7 (GCP)…

[Tue Jan 31 15:00:58 -03 2023] Please install openssl first. ACME_OPENSSL_BIN=openssl
[Tue Jan 31 15:00:58 -03 2023] We need openssl to generate keys.
[Tue Jan 31 15:00:58 -03 2023] Pre-check failed, can not install.
./ line 181: /root/ No such file or directory

To correct is simple:

# yum install openssl -y
# sudo reboot

And then repeat the installation process. :slight_smile: