One of my sites suddenly went offline with this error, first, it was saying the site was no secure, I got an email the SSL was going to expire, so I renewed it. Less than 24 hours later is offline with this error and I cannot get it back online. I edited the vhosts and removed the SSL all together and I’m still getting this.

I am out of ideas, I have no idea why this site (out of 6 on the server) is down and I cant get it back up.

It gets worse, I tried to delete this website to start over and restore a backup, it says it was deleted but when I go to list websites it’s still there, something is severely broken here. I need help.

i restarted the webserver and it showed the site deleted, I re-created it and it showed I had over 3000 days left on SSL, this is already a problem as it should be a fresh start. So I try to install WordPress +ls cache and that install fails error 404.

I mean honestly, there is something major going on here… what is the deal?