My Cyberpanel of one of my websites stopped working. I cant even connect.

My server is: CentOS 7 64bit with CyberPanel
Can’t get to panel to see versionManagment infos :confused:

Website that i’m looking for help is:
When connecting the website it tries to download something:

I have tried upgrading cyberpanel but still not responding.

Here are my logs

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Check the forum for possible solutions e.g. Cyberpanel suddenly refused to load - ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED - #22 by simdia

This site can’t be reached error can be caused by multitude of reasons. The most common is DNS. But you can check the following:

  1. Clear DNS cache
  2. Disable AV or Proxy
  3. Change client dns servers to say opendns

Most of the time rebooting server or running the upgrade script solves the issue.

Using cyberpanel with centos 7 is highly discouraged 01 - Installing CyberPanel use Ubuntu 20/22 or AlmaLinux