Enable TLS (with SSL Cert) for EMAIL

Would be great if TLS could be setup properly for the Email server.
Maybe a separate section for the config ?

At the moment - all communication between the client software (i.e. Outlook or a Mobile phone) is complaining that the cert is incorrect.

It looks like the connection still uses TLS, but it causes some issues with various client software. In some cases - it will NOT complete the setup if the cert is incorrect.

Lert’s Encrypt could also issue the same cert with incluided subdomain for email. For example : “mail.domainname.com
This could be done automatically, or user (before issuing a cert) could be asked what subdomains to include with the cert)

This is just one example and suggestion. I’m sure there might be better / easier ways to go about it :slight_smile:

This is a great suggestion, I will look into this.