Enable SSH to new users created in panel?

Hello guys,

I tried your panel and i am amazed, its fast and has alot of features but not ssh for users, is there a way to enable ssh with password or keys to new users created since i am shell user and i use to to grep files and do db migrations its a lot faster than using phpmyadmin and file manager.

This way i dont have to fix perms each time i migrate data as i have lot of sites ti migrate and i like to segment my sites with each user for security.


For now, you can use passwd command to assign a password to the user and you can then login through them.

That is nice idea will do, however do you plan adding this feature as optional in panel, like enable ssh access switch?

Yes, we now have this in the roadmap.

This is very good, thanks guys.

I did not understand how to do it. Could someone explain it to me?