Emails that sent from my server not arrived

I have installation of ‘cyberpanel’ + ‘Ubuntu server 20.4.06’ on my public home server, and I do the port forwarding for all and any ports that used by ‘cyberpanel’ , and DNS too.

Every thing is working well, but I have a small issue with the ‘E-Mails’.

When I try to send emails from webmail dashboard I didn’t see any errors or there is no any errors happening , and I get a success message , but the emails not arrived , and I have not receiving any messages on the mailbox that I try to send the message to.

On the other hand when I try to send a massage to any mail box I host on my server this messages received well.

We can consider that the server working only as a receiver and does not send any messages.

Although no error messages appear when trying to send as mentioned.

I try to send emails from my server to more than different email address , but the same issue.

Any ideas?!!


CyberPanel does not work very well on home server specially behind nat as it needs static public IP on the node.

If you can make it work good, but we dont provide support for that.

thank you.