Emails stuck in Queue


My every email i send stuck in Mail Queue and showing error “deferred”

It will not go until I flush the queue

Can you help me ?

Port 25 open

[{“address":"”,“delay_reason”:“deferred transport”}]

@ranbir Did you find a solution to this problem? I am also having the same issue

Check your port 25 and ask to open

screenshoot ? cyberpanel version ?

Find attached the screenshot, I have redacted the email addresses for security purposes

CyberPanel Version : 2.1

Port 25 is open and allowed on firewall

we have old says here “please upgrade to the current version”

btw, sorry cant help you… i dont use Cyberpanel anymore… But i hope i can back to cyberpanel

Much appreciated. What are you using now in place of Cyberpanel? @MyIDKaTePe

I have upgraded to the latest version but facing the same issue.

sorry i cant tell you… why ? because i still hope cyberpanel back on track

Restart postfix by going on panel Manage Services| Manage Postfix and toggle off then on. I have had some issues when restart server postfix wont start automatically.

All good :smiley:

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Much appreciated. Doing that is resulting to the emails flowing for a little while then the problem starts

Look logs if you see reason who postfix stops