Emails servers on CYberpanel Does not work

I’m used VPS Contabo + Cyberpanel (litespeed)

Now I see that the mail server main Don’t works []

  • The idea I would like to apply was for each user (with login and pwd) to enter the URL [] and be able to access their email. Do you know any tutorials?


  1. I’ve already tried >> [Tutorial]How to add 2nd IP for websites - #36 by Hifihedgehog

  2. But, This error appears:

  3. Domain 1 with e-mail server on the VPS. It already points to the reverse DNS.

  4. Domain 2 already has a site running Wordpress and there is an SMTP server created for plugin.
    Does anyone point me to something?

  5. Results checker email:

I would like to solve this rDNS problem and improve the e-mail checking note.