Emails not receiving nor sending

Hi guys,

I am new to Cyberpanel. I cannot get my emails to send or receive. Here is the process I have taken so far.

*Cyberpanel is running on Ubuntu on an Amazon instance

  1. Added mail ports in security groups (Amazon)
  2. Added DNS record for the mail server (MX Record)
  3. Created email via cyberpanel and accessed it via webmail Rainloop.
  4. Tried to send test messages or receive.

with no luck

How can I get this running. Your help will be much appreciated.

There has been countless posts about AWS EC2 not allowing email ports.

You can test your email smtp ports using this guide: Test SMTP Connection Using A Manual Telnet Session

And setting up email server guide is available here → How to get 10/10 Email score using CyberPanel - YouTube

You will still have to ask aws ec2 guys to open email ports for you.

Also check email debugger if you still can’t send emails: How to Debug and Reset Email Settings using CyberPanel Cloud - #4