Email SSL outgoing mail not working, Cert Expired and wont renew properly


I have an issue with my email SSL, it is coming up as expired, it has never had any issues Auto renewing before now, this time i had to renew manually and it seems it still hasn’t worked. not sure where to go from here,
i can receive emails no issues, if i accept the expired cert within outlook it works for a couple of hours then brings a pop up again, my phone wont send emails at all just has a server error, change to port 25 (no SSL) it has no issues.

Does SSL working in main domain?
I encountered such a problem two days ago and found out that I crossed the limit by extracting SSL certificates.

Hi Moe

Yes my Main Domain still works no issues as well as the Hostname SSL (Cyberpanel dashboard),

From a SSL Checking site

let’s try this way may work for you, because the certificate is invalid in your server

follow this steps from ssh access

/root/ --issue -d -d --cert-file /etc/letsencrypt/live/ --key-file /etc/letsencrypt/live/ --fullchain-file /etc/letsencrypt/live/ -w /usr/local/lsws/Example/html --force --debug

then copy privet key & cert in to cyberpanel >> website >> add ssl

you will find privet key & cert in:


Found the issue, for anyone that come across the same thing

missing these lines

# provide the primary certificate for the server, to be used for outgoing connections 
smtpd_tls_chain_files = 

i add these above lines and ran these commands

postmap -F hash:/etc/postfix/
systemctl restart postfix
systemctl restart dovecot

Everything started working again

Hi Moe

i did have a look at the cert on my server and they where reinstalled on the 2nd, so i deleted them and went back to cyberpanel GUI and reissued them, and there was no issues.

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