Email SMTP problem.

hello, I have the following problem, my messages arrive in the spam tray, this happens because my “Reverse DNS is not a valid Hostname” but when I change it rdns: by from upcloud it is solved and send another warning “Reverse DNS does not match SMTP Banner”. I have no idea what file of my vps edit, any suggestions?


Issue SSL for domain having RDNS against your IP. This also takes care of hostname for your SMTP server.

apparently it does not work, is not there a way to do it manually? maybe cyberpanel has problems in my vps.


Submit your ticket: Home - CyberPanel

@mokerosan could you please confirm, if you have got the issue fixed. i have the same issue… i know its long time ago but i will try my luck

Is there an update on this?

please create new thread if you need assistant… this thread too old
@die2mrw007 @asma @nick.chomey

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