Email routing issue - how to use remote mail exchanger?

Current Version: 2.3
Build: 3Current Commit: 71d9109e5912efca917bc574e2207cb5b051b3d7
Latest Version: 2.3
Latest Build: 4Latest Commit: f41f07d8f241b6a9086b8d94e1db39fcf8816537


I’m having an issue with my Cyberpanel routing email locally instead of using a remote mail exchanger. Any ideas on how to set a domain to use a remote mail exchanger instead? My server uses Postfix (and sendmail I believe).

In Cpanel, this is the setting I would need to change to fix it. I cannot find a similar setting in Cyberpanel.

Basically when websites hosted on the server send an email from a form, it routes it to a local mailbox (if set up on server) instead of the one defined in the domain;s MX records. So I can check mail from web forms through the webmail app on the server, but these specific emiails from the web forms are not going to the correct box hosted elsewhere.

Any ideas?


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Bump! I need help with this also!

A = website = mail runs on cyberpanel
B = website runs on cyberpanel, but mail runs on plesk server.
If  you have X amount of domains, but only a few run email on the  cyberpanel server as well it’s a disaster. If A send an email to B, it  always routes this internally and as no mail is configured, the mails  are stuck in limbo/rejected. There is no way to force emails being sent  to external and stop it checking if the domain you are sending to is on  the same cyberpanel server

Is this your problem ?

I also have the same problem, any solution?