email problem!

Hello, I have the following problem, I followed the guidelines to leave my mail 10/10, I have achieved “Spam Test Result”, what happens is that hotmail leaves me the emails in the spam tray, I do not know what I’m doing wrong, I’m using an upcloud vps, I also change the rdns to since I had it in
I hope you can help me in advance thank you very much.

Even after setting all of the above things, your email might end up in spam, from their onwards it totally depends upon the content of your email and how people are reacting to your emails. If they are marking your email as Not Spam then soon you are going to land emails in the inbox. But setting up these 4 things is a must thing and a good start.

Which means that achieving a score of 10 does not mean your email will land in the inbox, but from now onwards you can only improve the content of your email and be in good terms with receiving ends.