eMail migration

Hey guys!

Is there any way to migrate messages from my old email to the email in cyberpanel?
I’m putting my domain on cyberpanel, more to receive emails and as I already had emails in my account from another provider, I wanted to know if there’s a way to migrate these messages to the cyberpanel email server.

Thanks in advance.

Do you want to migrate only email or full site?

Only email messages. I’m using cyberpanel as a mail server.

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+1 i need to know too…

only email message…

Copy the vmail directory from there and move or take a backup retore on other server and only update MX and mail records according to this.

so it’s have same format ?
i already try this at cpanel and other panel is working
now the time for cyberpanel

only copy the (inside) vmail to target user
correct ?