Email marketing Html not working

With email marketing in cyber panel before they send a template I previewed it and it previewed fine, but when the email was actually sent it only shows the HTML code rather than actually rendering the code.

Hi have links here that show the Preview that was previewed inside panel and the email as it shows after being sent

Preview: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Your email has <html and <body tag?

the actual email code doesnt have the body, but it was testing it with a template. the acutual email code like this Imgur: The magic of the Internet just the html tag

So if these tags are not detected CyberPanel set email MIME to plain text which is why are you are receiving plain text, you need valid HTML.

where do I set that I’m using Zurb foundation framework for my email

I just had a breif look into this tool, I am not sure how they are generating the actual html. At this time I can not say much, will see their raw html and improve our html detection.

But for now CyberPanel need these tags to generate html email.

ok thanks.

It’s html, it’s basically components that get converted to HTML with browserfy. Slinky | Playground from ZURB

I just double checked the code it does have both html and body tag

will look into this.