Email limit and spamming control

This feature should have -

1 ) Pagination should be controlled by some whare. Currently, it’s 5 which is very small.

2 ) It should be enabled by default like daily max 500 per email as standard and per domain 10000 or some number. It will help us to fight against spam.

3 ) Real-time email relay monitoring and hourly/daily report with sorting orders.

Hope this will release soon.

After 1 year.
Any update on it.

As I know and have experienced on Shared Hosting using cPanel there is an email limit is 500 Emails/Hour.
So what if using CyberPanel on VPS and how setup it for max limit as you need?

It will be good if we have feature. It will fight against a spammer in case any account gets compromised. Let Admin decide what they want whether 500 or 5000 or unlimited.

I suggested as I am facing issues.

I am not sure… sometimes… the website gets hacked and hacker using the server as mass mailing… this feature … protect even account compromised.

It’s not even discussable - hourly/daily limits on a shared server is a must.