Email attachement limit still not under 2mb

Hi all,

I am having issue with attachement email limit still no more 2mb, when upload attachement more than 2mb will showing error notification.

I have follow some tutorial from here but no one work for me.

All php ini from php version updated like option below:

  • max_execution_time= 600
  • max_input_time= 600
  • memory_limit= 2048M
  • post_max_size= 1024M
  • upload_max_filesize= 1024M

Also update message_size_limit in: /etc/postfix/

Maybe someone can help where need to change the limit to allow email attachement more than 2mb ?

Welcome @indteam Happy you are here

  1. Did you restart PHP?
  2. Check if you are consuming the correct php

I did but it’s not working