Email and ssl not work after restart

cyberpanel works good but after restart the server
cant obtain ssl… cant install wordpress cant install nothing
+when trying to create new website its stuck on setup ssl
and just cant continue

os server: ubuntu 20.04 desktop

edit: just created website without ssl unbox ssl and its says i have 3499 days self signed ssl
and the website i create before the restart have only 89 days
+installed wordpress on the website before the restart and its was installed good
but after the restart cant install wordpress on new website
its looks like something dont come up with the start of server
newbie of cyberpanel
thank you for your help

You mentioned that you have installed Ubuntu 20.4 desktop version which isnt supported. You should not install desktop version of OS as its not supported.

Which hosting provider are you using? If Amazon AWS, then you need to issue elastic IP (static IP) to the VPS or else with each reboot, the ip address changes and you will have issues with the DNS, SSL, and other factors.

Copy paste the entire command which starts from /root/ till --server letsencrypt and run that command in SSH (connect your server using SSH and then run the command)
See what it mentions there in the error for issuing SSL and let us know

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thank you for fast respond @die2mrw007
i dont have a vps provider
its a hyper v virtual machine on my home server (for testing) i have a static ip.
if its not support so why all work before i restart my server?
which os will work good even after restart?

Install Ubuntu 20.4 LTS minimal image (for server) instead of desktop image.

If you are newbie in linux, server operations and cyberpanel as whole, then start from installing it on an actual server rather localhost. Because in localhost, you need to take care of the networking part in correct order to make things work (like having a static ip configured, ports, routing, DNS configuration, etc)

There are many hosting providers who provide vps for free like Amazon aws has 1 year free tier option, oracle lifetime free vps, google cloud 3 months free vps trial, etc.

Get those and experiment.

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