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Hey guys, how’s you dooing?
Need some help about my mail address into the Cyber Panel.
It creates something like that: is generated but I need something like

HELP! :smiley:

choose create email then select the domain

Thanks my friend but I had already done it, same result as always: “Can’t send message”.

Please elaborate your concern in detail bro. I am unable to understand as you said you dont wish to have the mail.domain.tld and in your second post you mention about an entirely different issue “cant send message”. So its quite confusing what exactly is the issue. Please mention in detail.

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If you want to create then you should select the main domain while creating what is the issue else then this cant get that

Thanks guys im already did as you saied (alot of times hahaha), I thought the right thing todo was use the and put an mask or somthing like these bacause is the mail domain generate by the system when I create a new website, thanks to you guys now im know just need chose the other domain without problem. But now the problem is he can’t send any mail.
After the instalation got this massage from SSH:
“Your provider seems blocked port 25 , E-mail sending may not work properly.”
If im try to send some mail there’s this massage: “Cant send messenge”.
Im really dont understend, that port is oppened both sides in the Cyber Panel firewal and in my security group from AWS.
Can somebody tell me whats happen?

Think i found it!
So, as the AWS support told me right now! (and finally), the issue is inside AWS, 25 port is blocked by default for protection from all ec2 instances.
To remove this restriction or any other restriction need to request changes from here:

I’m waiting to see whats happen and come back to inform you guys, i’m believe those informations can help somebody else here, now or in the future.

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