Elementor Pro "Custom Code" 403 Error

Hello if you are having problems with the “Custom Code” of Elementor Pro, I inform you that after a lot of research, I found the problem related to ModSecurity used by Cyberpanel, it is a false positive and it is already under review by the OWASP team:

There is still no solution, if not to disable the rule.

If anyone here comes up with a better solution, please help.

Hi, has this been resolved?

I can’t set the condition for Elementor Custom Code, I’m getting 403 Forbidden for a PUT request

I need to disable the “ModSecurity rules packages” before I can save the changes.

It’s kind of hassle to deactivate and re-activate each time I need to save the changes to the Elementor Custom Code.

Hello @sochun2424

do not recommend modsecurity. Development stopped years ago. Kindly use an alternative WAF. I recommend CloudFlare for your website, Imunify for your server

For wordpress websites use WordFence premium, Sucuri or BPS. They all work like a charm

@josephgodwinke Did you take a look at the link I sent?

Seems like it’s in constant development, 4 will be released soon, using Sucuri on more than 30 sites is a headache, better to have a solution on the panel/server.