Elastic Search

Hi, I installed the Elastic Search module, and want to use it with WordPress.
I installed the “ElasticPress” plugin, and for setup it asks me for a domain where ES is installed. What do I put in there? My site domain?
Also, is there anything else I have to set up in CyberPanel to get it to work properly?


Same Question

You put there. Nothing more is needed.

but it’s not working

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but it’s not working

as root do “netstat -lanop | grep :9200” to make sure no other service is running on this port, and go from there

Hi Guys,

I manage to install the the ElasticSearch Module without any error. I also confirm that there is no port conflict on 9200. When I install ElasticPress, I am able to get the index working, but I’m also getting this error: “Your Elasticsearch version 7.15.2 is above the maximum required Elasticsearch version 7.9. ElasticPress may or may not work properly.”

The wordpress search does not seem to be using Elastic search as fuzzy search does not work.

What am I missing?


Is your wordpress website a large one with huge data? I will advise you to not go with elasticsearch if not essential for you because elasticsearch is for huge sites with huge data and it uses a lot server resources.

And Elasticsearch works very fine without issues. You may have configured something wrong. Use ElasticPress – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org