Edit name servers or change name servers

i have a problem with name servers.
i write it two different ip address two different name servers.
i forget the name servers ip address.
is there any way to find out name servers ip address on cyberpanel ?
is there any way to edit name servers ?

What do you mean?

You have Configure Default Nameserver option under DNS menu that you can use to see the settings that you have saved earlier.

Apart from that I do not understand your query.

hello usmannasir thanks for your reply
i can see name servers . i want to see name servers ip addresses . i want to change name servers ip address do you understand me ?

you can do a simple ping to ns1.domain ns2.domain

your domain zone editor
check the NS point
then check the ns.domain IN A

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after entered name server ip and domainnames i forget to record ip addrress
can not enter domain zone editor. theres not have any domain.
i reinstall centos 7 and cyberpanel now

ok then . . . . . . .