Hello friends, I can not access any FTP account created, every connection displays the message “ECONNREFUSED”. I did a test shutting down the firewall but the same problem persists, any tips on how to proceed?

You need to enable passive mode.

Thanks for the help, I left the Filezzila configuration according to the tutorial above, but unfortunately the same in the test returns the following message: Failed to create listen socket on port 0, aborting.

Even then I tried to make the connection and the message ECONNREFUSED persists in Filezzila, some other tip, I’m grateful for the help.

Friends, using other ftp software, in the MobaXterm case, has the following error: Opening FTP connection to
Error EEIFTPSError: Connection failed (error code is 10061).

Did you by any chance disabled FTP service from control panel?

Not that I know of, I was allowed to access.
In any case, I disabled the firewall in the control panel and checked the incoming connections if they are enabled for Filezilla.

Ok, submit your ticket.