Dynamic response body size is over the limit

When i download database may be 40-50 MB i get this error in DB

The dynamic response body size is over the limit, the response will be truncated by the web server. The limit is set in the key 'maxDynRespSize' located in the tuning section of the server configuration, and labeled 'max dynamic response body size'.

Max Request URL Length (bytes) 32768
Max Request Header Size (bytes) 65530
Max Request Body Size (bytes) 10M
Max Dynamic Response Header Size (bytes) 62768
Max Dynamic Response Body Size (bytes) 512M

This is the config i have
what should i change here, 2 GB ram ?

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I also got the same error when using Open litespeed, exporting the database was only 30M. Even though I configured Max Dynamic Response Body Size (bytes) to high in Open Litespeed nothing changed. I have successfully fixed it according to this one guide, you can also try here