Download Files From Remote Server to Cyber Panel File Manager - It's Possible?


Created New Server in DO…

But Uploading Files are Pathetic…

When Checked ISP Speed in DO and in My Home Both are Good.

Files Uploading to Google Drive and Other Sites are Quick.

Unable to Migrate Site to DO, Due to This Slow Upload Files.

it’s around 30kbps.

My Files are still in the previous hosting,

If You can give me a solution to download files directly to the DO - Cyber Panel File Manager…

Then, it will be Great.

I heared, some commands are there to download files to linux…

But, I don’t know that what exactly…

Here are some more details

DO - 4GB RAM - 2 CPU - 80GB SSD - CentOS - OLS - Cyber Panel

Kindly help me on this…


This tutorial may work…

but I need to download files to a particular directory in my Cpanel

you just answered yourself…

in simplest way ,

yes, I downloaded files using that command.

opened terminal from WinSCP, from the directory… and the file downloaded to the directory.


I’m stuck with uploading database.


I tried to import a 3mb database from the last 4 hours…

it does not go more than 4%

the restart the import…

Digital Ocean Known for Good Hosting, But Almost Killed my Day…

Their Upload is a Disaster…

Opened ticket before few hours… nobody replied yet.

24 x 7 support is working only 9 am to 5 pm

what a tragedy.

if something happened like this in emergency situations then?

how can I use them for the future?

do you know any better hosting?

what about Google Cloud?

Currently, I’m using AWS.

I do now know …

DO works fine with me , I always open droplet in DO when I need to test something , and it never fails me.

an educated guessing is that must be some issue between your ISP and DO network , but who knows.

you can go WHT or LET to find a good sever, specially in black friday event.

Vultr is also a good choice.

I don’t know GCP and AWS, they are too expensive in my opinion.

I loved to GO as well…

I was planning to shift to DO from AWS.

But, what to do if I can’t upload my files.

Vultr, I have an Account with them,

Their Support is So rude…

So, Just keep them as another account :slight_smile:

Trying to fix this with DO, if possible… or no problem to use GCP and AWS.

DO, should think about uploading files in an easy way… or improve their network to upload files …

and My upload speed is more than 30mbps so, it’s not my ISP Problem.

No , you still didn’t understand what I meant.

For example , I am living in Spain , my home link is 500 Mbps , I have a server in USA Los Angeles , the server uplink is 1Gbps , that does NOT mean I have full 500 Mbps speed when I transfer files between my computer and my server, I most likely get like 10 Mbps at best.

Another example , I am in Spain , I have 2 servers in German

my connection to one of my server is straight like Spain → France → German , in this case I will probably have like 400 Mbps

my connection to other server, could have a crazy routing like this: Spain → France → England → United States → Canada → Japan → Russian → Ukraine → Poland → German and in this case, my connection is probably like 50 kbps.

So you have 30 mbps on your internet , does not mean you will have that 30 mbps full on your connection to server.

and different provider could have different routing with different ISP.

I understood… but I’m in India…

it’s too slow to upload?

do one thing,

I’ll upload SQL file in an Indian server, then use wget command to download files in DO.

That Sounds good?



if I have an SQL file in my DO Directory … Cyber Panel File Manager.

Then, How to Import that to php myadmin purticular DB?

ex: I already created a blank DB in Cyber Panel, That Appears in PhpMyAdmin

I wish to Import a SQL to that DB, which is alredy available in the file manager…

is there any commands to do that?

I have seen one here…

will this work?

yes , that namecheap article ought do it

I need one more help then…

I have an unused hosting…

No Domains are Pointed to that.

I have access to its cpanel and file manager…

i can upload files, and how can I get a direct download link, without login in.

because, WinSCp Terminal needs a Direct public download link correct.

thats a shared hosting from hostgator,

you will need point a domain over it.

Use any vpn then try to upload. Hopefully speed will improve. Last time I have faced similar issue after purchasing cloud from Alibaba china location. It’s closer from my location but unfortunately I got only 10-20 Kbps speed. After checking trace route and mtr I found surprising data. My connection forwarded (routed) 10-15 times and some of them were dead. My server has 200 Mbps and my net has 30 Mbps speed. Still faced this due to packet loss. Also ping was 400+ when it should be not more than 40ms. So I checked from other isp and mobile network and found all have same issue. Any network from my country can’t establish direct/shorter connection without packet loss . Eventually I have changed server location and solved the issue. You can try to change location and see.

Upcloud is also good option. I have no complaint against gcp or aws except they are too expensive in price.

Thanks… for that help

I have a new doubt.

When I Issued SSL to a Website Through Cyber Panel.

When it expires?

I need to re-issue it every 3 months or

it will auto-renew?

yes, 3 months expiration , by design it should auto-renew

So, I don’t need to look after SSL periodically…

This is one of the major advantages of Using Cyber Panel Correct?

Setup Once and Forget.

well , by design , any control panel has that feature to auto-renew

well , by design , any control panel has that feature to auto-renew

That’s a great feature.

Thank you so much for this Information.

I need help from you about another trouble I faced with Cyber Panel.

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