Doesn't work on upload file limmit over 2M

Dear cyberpanel supporter

I followed the rules blew but doesn’t work.
5 - Change Upload Limit for Filemanager - CyberPanel

I setup the php 8.0

save changes and restart php and modify website , reboot the VM
The problem is stiil there.
Please help me out.

thank you

You are trying to upload file via file manager of CyberPanel or WordPress?

I’m sorry I didn’t make it clearly. I setup a mail server. Create a email account and can’t upload a file over 2M as a attachment.
Thank you

Change upload_max_filesize and post_max_size for PHP 7.3 from CyberPanel and then do systemctl restart lscpd from command line.

This will update the upload limit for Rainloop.

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I delete email and web of the mail server. setup php 7.3 config upload_max_filesize to 50M post_max_size to 500M. save shanges restart php. create web and email. then ,it works well. I can upload over 2M files.

thank you very much