Does cyberpanel support Ubuntu 23.04? And How first can it get on Vultr VPS

Hello friends, Am planing to stop using ionos vps plan and go to Vultr VPS, my server has 7 websites and two of the websites are getting good traffic lets say 17k montly and the other 9k, others are still growing also. so My question is

I wanted someone to advice me about Vultr vps compared to ionos 8gb Ram plan and 2 cores. Also i need to know does cyberpannel support the lasest ubuntu 23.04 or which one should i install because in my previous server i have been using ubuntu 22.04 and my DKIM i think has always been having issue cause all my emails usualy don’t recognise the DKIM in email tester.

and i have been facing alot of issues with ‘server not found Forbidden
Access to this resource on the server is denied!’ this usually happens when am trying to access filemanager of some of my websites

Anyway Cyberpanel is great mybe my server configration had some issues but what do you guys think?

Hello Every one
if possible cyberpanl instal on ubuntu 23.04 ?