Docker PORT issue

I’m trying to run a minecraft server in a docker container.
I’m using this paper server

However, when I’m trying to create it, it shows me " Error message: ‘25565/tcp’ "

Which is weird because I have both the udp and the tcp port number 25565 in the firewall tab.
I even added them manually to the docker zone in firewalld, but using a port forward tester (on-line) shows that the ip cyberpanel is hosted on doesn’t expose 25565.
Here are the pictures of firewall in cp, firewalld in the terminal, iptables in the terminal, and the configuration of my docker. → album with additional info.

My bad if it’s the wrong category, I didn’t know which one to select due to the weird nature of this error?

EDIT: I used pterodactyl panel before switching to cyberpanel, and hosting the minecraft server there was completely fine and worked perfectly. So it’s not a router setting issue or ISP issue or host issue.

Please, show more information about your docker container configuration, mainly about port forwarding.

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Click on the second image, it’s an album, I don’t know why it embedded as an image.