Docker and CSF Problems


Got to know about this issue from client server.

If anyone on CyberPanel is using Docker and they have also installed CSF. Then I am experiencing various problems.

I’ve installed csf and enabled docker support in csf configurations.

Then I created docker app from CyberPanel, but keep getting 503 error. It turns out that if i remove csf, remove and re-install docker then apps start working.

I’ve seen couple of posts on reddit, stackoverflow having similar problems.

If you want to remove and re-install Docker, read this guide: Debugging Docker Apps Features – Knowledge Base

This is a devloping story as I’ve contacted csf support…

Update 1: It seems that after adding port 8088 to csf docker apps seems to be working.

But in some cases they are still not working as expected.

Update 2:

If I create Docker App, then install CSF, it does not work.

I had to delete docker and re-install docker from cli and start it again.

Then make sure port 8088 and port 5678 is in CSF for TCP_IN and TCP_OUT.

Then created docker app again and it works.