DNS setup and mail account fail


I just wanted to hear I have some problems with DNS setup it’s like it’s blocking testmail and my mails, do not know what’s going wrong in my setup.

I can send some more info about my setup is, but will hear it may be because, I do not have ssl on my site yet, that I can not log in to the Raindrop webmail system. did not find Encrypt key works. has errors. Then it says my side is insecure.
I have tried to press the ssl fixes you can on the panel

Have purchased an ssl license to make it work. But it does not help me so much when I can not get on my webmail :slight_smile: when it has to be an email from the site.

And have tryed to setup at outlook it will not connect.

Hope some will help, we can pm so I can give some more info. The DNS setup

Best regards

PS. how do i whitelist in Cyberpanel :smile: