DNS Propagation Issue

Hello everyone,

I deployed a new server with Cyberpanel one week ago. Since the moment I configured the DNS for the main domain and a hosted website, I am facing issues with the DNS propagation, as it is not working properly.

I have a registered name server is Namesilo (The Domain Registrar) using the IP of my server, and also I configured the default nameserver in Cyberpanel for ns1.nethost24(.net) and ns2.nethost24(.net)

Main Domain - nethost24(.net)

There is not full DNS propagation for the name servers. For the main domain two A records are created, with the server IP for ns1 and ns2. By using this configuration there is no propagation at all. Then, I added also ns1.nethost24.net and ns1.nethost24.com in the DNS Zone for the same domain. There is some propagation but it is not full.

Second Domain Todoaliex(.com)

I am hosting this website, and firstly I was using my own name servers, but it was not propagating properly. Then, I switched to Cloudflare and created and A record with the IP of my server. As you can see by checking it with a DNS propagation tool, it is also not propagating properly.

I did a few tests and waited for more than 48 hours in many cases. Can someone help me on getting more clarity on this issue?

Thank you in advance!


Did you create as default Nameserver?
and also all domains have these in their NS records.
Some time propagation took time as you first need to propagate according to glue records and then the records of the websites.

Maybe somewhere somthing you are doing it wrong. Are you using Cloudflare for DNS?

Hi guys,

Thank you for the reply. Yes, I certainly created default name servers and added them to the domain, however looks to do not fully propagate. I honestly do not understand the reason.

Also, I have another website hosted on the same server, todoaliex(.com), this time using Cloudflare nameservers. Similar issue as the A record does not propagate fully.

Someone has or had this issue?

If possible, do send private message screenshot of your dns settings you did including from domain registrar and also on cyberpanel. There maybe some dns configuration issue

Hi die2mrw007,

Thank you so much for your help and sorry for my late response. I can try to get some screenshots and send it to you, or also if there is no important information I can post them here, maybe it can help other people from the community.

Today I got a response from Contabo, where I host the server, and they basically ignored my question inviting me to use their name servers. I rechecked the configuration and I realized that Cyberpanel is creating a SOA record. It may be possible SOA record to somehow cause a DNS conflict?


But unless I get to know what all values you have in your DNS, I may not understand your issue in real. Just assuming things won’t really help in getting your issue resolved at the earliest. I hope you get this resolved asap.

I am having the same issue. How can I be assisted?

Is there anyone who can help with DNS Propagation?

Can you please tell me if records are partially propagated or not progadated?

Not propagated at all

I found the solution. I changed subnet rules as guided by this video and restarted the server.